The Queens Jubilee Project

Group - Jubilee Art Project

The Aveland History Group has had to put on hold the fabrication of the Art Project due to a disappointing lack of funding. However, from the amount of enthusiasm the project engendered - from Stamford College students, those who took part in the Stained Glass Workshops we ran this year, and various parish councils who all pledged money, the project may be on hold but will be reinvigorated later in the year. WATCH THIS SPACE!

Our ambition is to create a series of stained glass panels that will be set into a free-standing frame. Cathi Prince at Haconby is the artist who will consolidate the ideas and designs from the community at large and will produce the stained glass panels, with support from our groups who have been trained by her through April. Frank Holcombe, a master cabinet maker will then set these into sectional oak frames, with assistance from the apprentices at Stamford College. The final artwork will be displayed across the Wapentake, so that everyone in the community can enjoy it.

Some of you may have seen Cathi's work at our stained glass demonstrations we held back in 2021but a snapshot of one of her recent commissions is here. For more information about Cathi's work see Shedglas Design 

A project Cathi created for a Boston United fan, who asked for a panel with elements of Boston relevant to his formative years there 

A selection of photographs taken at the 8 highly successful stained glass workshops that were held across the villages, sponsored by South Kesteven District Council and wonderfully tutored by Cathi Prince.